I am a wife and mom in a happy and healthy family, and really, what more could I ask for? The answer is: a lot. This is where, if I were twenty years younger, I would say YOLO, or some other nonsense.

I like the usual stuff. New shoes. Pajamas. Chocolate. I will stay up until 4am to finish a good book. I would fight a pack of wild dogs to save one hair on my child’s head. My heart pitter pats for my husband the same way it has for 22 years. I’m a lucky chick.

Which is not to say there’s no room for improvement. There is A LOT of room. There’s enough room for the Brady Bunch to move in, and the kids don’t have to share rooms. Their father was an architect. He couldn’t design a house with more bedrooms!? I tend to go off on tangents.

Thanks for reading about me! That was really cool of you!


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