Hurts So Good

Woo hoo!  Only 89 more days of P90x to go!  There are a lot of push ups.  I’ve decided not to say, “I’m a girl.  I can’t do all these push ups.”  Instead I’m going to figure out how to do push ups.  Yay me!  Not “girl” push ups.  P90x doesn’t have any “girl” push ups.  Let’s just say there was a lot of planking during the push up portions of the workout.  Planking is good for you, right!?  Okay, some of the planking was face contact with the floor planking, but not that much.  Give me a break!  It was my first day!

And today, I’m a little sore, but good sore, not “I can’t move my arms” sore.  Just enough to feel all those core muscles I worked yesterday, and that was a lot of muscles.  Who knew I had so many?



Hurricane Katrina

I remember back when hurricane Katrina tore through south, and news coverage described it as slow and disorganized.  But, boy, did it do some damage once it got going.  My husband thought he was very funny comparing me to the hurricane which was named after me, and I did have to laugh at the similarity.


No one was laughing when Katrina was through.  So now I guess I’m done messing around.  Vacation’s over, and at least I didn’t gain any more weight.  I’ve picked all my kid’s homeschool curriculum, which is a huge chore, so that’s out of the way.  I read Marie Kondo’s book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, so I’m ready to tidy, and unleash some magic around here.  Speaking of that book…

It’s a little weird, but pretty inspiring.  The author suggests talking to inanimate objects, and I kind of draw the line at having conversations with my cats.  She believes that one should only keep things that spark joy, and everything else should be thanked for it’s service and chucked in a dumpster.  She speaks to things she keeps, as well, like her house, and her handbag.  I’m sure it’s totally normal, and I’m the strange one.  So I see a yard sale in my future, and a lifetime of thankless servitude for my purse.  I mean, if you can ignore the slight undertones of OCD and maybe some other mental illness, you will be motivated to purge and organize!

Monday is the day I plan to start P90x, and I suppose I might start using MyFitnessPal again, too, just because I have a tendency to cut back too far on calories if I don’t keep track.  Once I lose the sugar, eating is a lot less fun.

So until then…