I know what you’re thinking…

Probably.  Because I’m thinking it, too.  How does she think she’s going to lose any weight if she’s not tracking anything?  She hasn’t even weighed herself!  Is she writing down what she eats?  Has she got any kind of workout plan or diet plan? Betty Lu saw her in her back yard eating s’mores last weekend!

Hey!  I only ate two s’mores all weekend, Betty Lu.  I don’t think there’s a real Betty Lu, but if there is, and you saw me, well, I’m sorry we’re not acquainted, Betty Lu.  I like to get to know my neighbors.  And mind your own business.


Recently I saw this Grumpy Cat meme on a sticker in a vending machine at the Dollar Store.  I read it out loud, and now my seven year old keeps singing it.  I’m afraid all of my neighbors now think I’m singing it under my breath as I smile and wave at them from across the street.

So, anyway, yes.  These are all thoughts that have crossed my mind as well, although I can tell my pants are slightly looser.  I know I’m not going to get any real results until I get serious.  So, against my better judgment, I’ve decided to be serious, which I almost NEVER do, and I’m going to be serious about P90x.  Mainly because my husband has agreed to do it, too, and misery loves company.  No, really, I’m sure it will be great fun!  Yay, exercise!  (jaws clenched in wild-eyed smile)  As you know, I’m woefully out of shape.  And I’m an old fashioned girl who would rather be pulling up her leg warmers and pushing play on her VHS copy of Buns of Steel 2000 so I can grapevine my way to a flat stomach, but, oh well.  Times change.


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