The Time Is Now

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Despite considerable lack of planning on my part, as usual, today is the day I start to make big changes.  Like giving up my beloved Coca Cola.  Sigh.  I’m not going to lie, there was a little of this going on this weekend…



And I might have walked to a neighbor’s house in flip flops and realized my calves were feeling the burn, and then wondered how on earth I would make it through an actual workout today. So, first order of business, let’s drop a few of these pounds, because then I’ll have so much more energy to reach all my other goals.  Am I right?  Of course I am!  As always, I’m winging it, and have no idea what that workout will be.  I only know that:

  • it will not be in a gym, because I am fair skinned, and when I work out, I get a serious case of tomato face.
  • it will not be in a gym, because I don’t have anyone to go with me today, and if no one MAKES me go to a gym, I ABSOLUTELY will not go.
  • it will only last half an hour or I will probably die.  Baby steps, you guys, baby steps.
  • it will not be yoga, because my kid uses me for a jungle gym if I do yoga poses.

I also haven’t planned any sort of diet.  Now, I think commercial diets are completely overrated, and a total scam.  I mostly think weight loss basically comes down to math, calories in minus calories out.  Which is not to say I haven’t read my share of diet books, but I never follow any one diet plan or buy any products to support them.  Plus, every book I read tells me all the other books are wrong.  They have to come up with something original to sell books.

Maybe I’m being overly skeptical, but I’m going to reveal a huge weight loss secret here.  Are you ready?  If you want to lose weight…EAT LESS AND EXERCISE.  I know it’s hard.  If it wasn’t, everyone would be thin.

No, I’m going to stop myself there.  I am definitely overstating it.  I should say that those plans can work, but you don’t need them.  You can do it on your own!  Now, if you have the means, and it makes your life easier, then go for it.  I’m not here to judge anyone!  Yay, positivity!  That’s better.

Now here is what I’m thinking off the top of my head this morning as far as my diet goes:

  • steel cut oats for breakfast, because I was going to eat those anyway.  I LOVE steel cut oats.  Why am I fat?  Life is not fair.
  • a green drink for lunch.  No, not lime Kool- Aid!  I use this recipe.
  • whatever my family has for dinner only in small portions.  Probably chicken tonight.
  • cut out white bread and sugar.
  • plus a couple of snacks, like fruit and nuts.  I’m not about starving.

Yeah.  That oughta do it.  I’ll let you know how it goes.


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